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IEEE Computer Society, Technical Committee on Multiple-Valued Logic

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Technical Committee on Multiple-Valued Logic


The Technical Committee on Multiple-Valued Logic (TCMVL) of the IEEE Computer Society promotes research in the theory and application of many-valued systems. Its scope includes Multiple-Valued Logic devices and circuits, algebra and formal aspects, fuzzy systems and soft computing, quantum and reversible computing, philosohpical aspects, spectral techniques, and related topics.

Call for Papers

The TCMVL sponsors a symposium each May, the International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic (ISMVL) and cosponsors the annual Post-Binary ULSI Systems Workshop. Many TCMVL members also attend the biennial Reed-Muller Workshop and International Workshop on Reversible Computing that focuses on topics of interest to the TCMVL community. TCMVL members also publish papers in the IEEE Transactions and the Journal of Multiple-Valued Logic and Soft Computing. The TCMVL maintains a mailing list of all members and sends newsletters to members.

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Multiple-Valued Logic TC Chair:

Prof. Dr. Yasushi Yuminaka

Graduate School of Science and Technology
Gunma University
151 Tenjincho, Kiryu-shi
Gunma 376-8515, Japan
Email: yuminaka{at}

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